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GLUCOSIN - Health Supplement for Diabetes treatment
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* Product Description

 Do you know that in USA about one-third of the population will eventually develop diabetes.  
This is primarily because of our modern lifestyle where we eat too much and exercise too
little. Now we all know that diabetes is very serious disease that just gets worse and worse
over time.  By doing a few common sense things like eating healthy foods (ie. more salads
and fruits and less fast foods) and of course exercising more, you can dramatically reduce
your risk of developing diabetes.
As an additional precaution you can also take our dietary supplement “Glucosin” which is
an all-natural remedy to stabilize your glucose blood level. Glucosin is a proprietary blend
of herbal extracts prepared from plants that are known to have an effect on blood glucose
levels. For example; there is Mulberry leaf extract which is called the “Divine Leaf” in China
because of its healing and anti-aging power. It reduces glucose production by the liver and
increases glucose uptake by cells; there’s Banaba leaf extract which has been clinically
shown to reduce blood glucose levels; and we also include Bitter melon extract, Gymnema
sylvestra extract, Grape stem extract, Moringa oleifera extract, and Cinnamon bark powder…..
all safe and natural herbal products that are known to stabilize blood glucose levels.  
In addition to the herbal extracts Glucosin also contains Chromium Picolinate which is
known to increase glucose uptake in cells, and Vitamin D which plays a role in maintaining
a healthy heart and blood system. Glucosin really has included all the ingredients known
to stabilize the glucose blood level.  We are confident that if you use Glucosin every day and
also eat sensibly and exercise regularly you will feel better and look better…
* Directions
Adult takes 2 pills per day 1 hour before meals for the first 3 days. After 3 days, takes 4 pills per day.
Each time 2 pills 1 hour before lunch and 2 pills 1 hour before dinner. 60 pills per bottle.
* Return policy
you can return if the safety seal on top of bottle is NOT broken.
** Glucosin is manufactured by AQ Pharmaceuticals licensed by FDA

Mfg Info

AQ Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturer Info
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