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Ginseng HARMONY - Sexual Health Supplement for Women
Price: $35.00  
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Special Promotion: Discount 29% OFF until August 15, 2018 Free shipping in 48 U.S. states if purchase 5 bottles.
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Gingseng HARMONY is currently sold in Asia and Vietnam with the brand:  ANGELA Gingseng

* Product Description

 When a woman enters menopause she will experience the typical signs of hot flashes, mood
swings, depression, sexual desire and loss of libido.  In order to improve sexual health and
anti-aging in women it is important to replenish both estrogen AND testosterone.

A.Q Pharmaceuticals has developed Harmony, an all natural proprietary blend of  herbal extracts
to alleviate menopausal symptoms and restore sexual drive. All the herbal extracts formulated
in Harmony have a traditional history of improving menopause symptoms and promoting
anti-aging. Many of the active compounds in these extracts have been identified and tested for
their health benefits in clinical trial including Maca- Lepidium meyenii from Peru
that stabilizes hormone levels because of its high mineral content including calcium,
magnesium, potassium, iron and other minerals. It also includes amino acids, vitamins
and plant sterols. Harmony also includes Ginkgo Biloba extract because it is known to
improve blood circulation and oxygen flow to the tissues. It also reduces stress and increases
energy which contribute to well-being, and are therefore very important factor  in encouraging
sexual desire. 

We are confident that if you use Harmony on a daily routine you will increase your energy,
reduce stress and balance your hormone levels. This will make you feel younger, develop a
positive outlook on life, and enjoy renewed sexual activity and health.
*  Directions:
Adult takes 2 pills per day during meals. 60 pills per bottle.
* Return policy
 You can return if the safety seal on top of bottle is NOT broken.
** Harmony is manufactured by AQ Pharmaceuticals licensed by FDA

Mfg Info

AQ Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturer Info
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