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Ginseng STANOMAX - Sexual Health Supplement for Men
Price: $34.99  
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Special Promotion: Discount 29% OFF until 15 August 2018. Free shipping in 48 U.S. states if purchase 5 bottles.
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Gingseng STANOMAX is currently sold in Asia and Vietnam with the brand:  ALIPAS Gingseng

* Product Description

Most men as they get older experience a lessening in sexual desire. This is in large part due
to the decline in the sex hormone testosterone, and one way of stimulating libido is to receive
regular injections of testosterone.  Now for most men that’s not really a good option.

There is however, a less traumatic way of increasing libido by using natural herbal extracts.
 And two of the best herbal extracts shown to increase stamina and libido in men is called 
“ Plant Eurycoma Longifolia” from Malaysia and “Maca - Lepidium meyenii  ” from Peru.  

The extraction of  Eurycoma Longifolia is using modern manufacturing process in order to
get a high quality extract of 100:1(LE-100)™.
  Maca is a plant that grows in the highlands
of Peru and is widely believed by Peruvians to be an aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer. 
Maca contains several novel compounds called macamides and macaenes that are
believed to be mainly responsible for increasing libido, energy and stamina in men. 
AQ Pharmaceuticals has developed Stanomax and added other compounds to further enhance its
effect.  For example, Stanomax contains zinc which is known to increase sperm count and
 chromium picolinate which is important for building muscles. It also contains ginkgo
biloba extract which stimulates blood flow, increases energy and fully revitalize your libido
requires a combination of good mental and physical health…… and Stanomax

* Directions:

Adult takes 2 pills per day during meals. 60 pills per bottle.
 * Return policy
you can return if the safety seal on top of bottle is NOT broken.
** Stanomax is manufactured by AQ Pharmaceuticals licensed by FDA

Mfg Info

AQ Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturer Info
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