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EVER YOUNG Collagen (Lamb Placenta) - Supplement for Skin & Health
Price: $37.00  
In Stock
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* Product Description

 It’s a well-known fact that the rich and famous have for many years being going to rejuvenation
clinics in Switzerland to be treated with lamb placenta extract in order to keep looking young
and healthy.  
But you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the same benefits as the rich and famous. Now
you can take our dietary supplement Ever Young Collagen that contains lamb placenta extract
fortified with essential minerals and growth factors; and enjoy the same benefits without the
high cost. 
It is effective because the lamb placenta is filled with nutrients, amino acids, hormones, growth
factors, cytokines and antioxidants. Some of these nutrients promote cell growth, some regulate
hormone secretion and some strengthen our immune system.
  A.Q. Pharmaceuticals has
formulated a proprietary blend  of lamb placenta extract combined with collagen and essential
vitamins to provide a rich source of compounds to promote anti-aging and good health.
If you takes Ever Young Collagen in combination with a sensible diet, moderate exercise and
restful sleep you will be surprised at how much younger you will look and feel within a short period of time.
*  Directions:
Adult takes 2 pills per day. 60 pills per bottle.
* Return policy
 You can return if the safety seal on top of bottle is NOT broken.
** Ever Young Collagen is manufactured by AQ Pharmaceuticals licensed by FDA

Mfg Info

AQ Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturer Info
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